Sep 13 2016 - Sep 13 2016

Sports Hating/Shaming: 2016-09-13

Why I never been big into sports. The whole taking huge pride in your team thing throws me off, it's just a game. Most players aren't even local, like I kind of see like if it was the olden days where it was all locals coming together to make a team, but I still don't really like pride based on locality either, just leads to strange aggression imo. Just another reason to hate, which we don't need in the world.

I'm not going to hate someone for anything, race, sex, nationality, if you live in a different province, why would I show such hate to another human as silly as a colour or liking a different team.

Like the jets are based here, but they could be based anywhere with the same players. Mostly a money game, pay more get better players win more games make money money buy better players. It's society in game form, the rich keep winning while the poor do their best.

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