Apr 02 2021 - Apr 02 2021

Society Gets Worse: 2021-04-02

Hate Conservatives so much. Their ideal of small government, cutting good jobs to fund the rich more. Feel everyone needs to struggle besides those who got lucky, then call it hard work. Cut more and more good government jobs with good salary, benefits, pension, all to save money because all that matters is taxes. Never mind the people. The middle class shrinks under them, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and expand in numbers. But hey at least pay less in taxes, get less services in return, and the now for profit companies running those services charge more, while the workers they employ make less with less benefits and money going into the overall economy. And all that profit goes away to be hoarded by whatever big company owns it and hoards the money. Quality of life goes down, paying more now for services that should be universal.

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