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Shadow Person: 2016-06-08

I thought I wrote this down a while ago but can't seem to find it, maybe it was a reddit comment or post I made at one point that I can't find now either, I'm sure I remember writing it anyway. Maybe I used different words then I remember, I'll just have to write it again, because this was one of the times in my life I was most scared.

First I'll mention another time that I was scared, but I managed to eventually explain it. Sometimes late at night when I was little, I could hear noises in the basement, and then a strange light, I think around 2 or 3 AM. I could see it through the basement door, which was right by my bedroom door, and hear it through the vents. I would peer through the crack under the door, too scared to open it, and see lights shimmering off of all the plastic on the walls down there. Eventually we were able to figure out the TV downstairs has a timer that would go off and turn the TV on in the middle of the night. This story was explained, my shadow person never was.

I had gone to bed like usual, door closed, safe and snug. I woke up at some point in the middle of the night. I wanted a drink before going back to bed, probably Pepsi or juice at that time. I opened the door and quietly made my way to the stairs to go upstairs to the kitchen. From my room I have to walk past the basement door, then a closet, then the stairs are there. I'm always quiet at night because mom gets mad if I wake her, saying I shouldn't be up this late, though I think it's because it usually scares her. I get to the stairs, and there's a railway you can look through. I think I can see the moon through the kitchen window, and I look at the microwave and the time is around 2:00AM.

I slowly creep up the stairs, crawling my way up. When I get to the top I turn to look to my left and am instantly frozen in fear. There is a person in the family room by the couch, just standing there. At first I thought it was because it was so dark, and then I realize they are just a shadow. Not that they are just a shadow, but that they are made of shadows. As in they were all black and I couldn't make anything out besides the figure. I stared at them frozen in fear for over 2 hours.

Finally I manage to back down the stairs a bit, and look at the microwave again. It's now past 4:00AM. I was frozen in fear for at least 2 hours, and the moon is no longer in sight. I turn back to see if the shadow had moved, but it was gone. I slowly made my way down the stairs and then back to my room, closing the door behind me, and getting into my sleeping blanket, hiding my head safely under the blanket for the rest of the night.

This was probably the scariest incident I remember as a child, besides some kind of waterfall with my brother and almost falling over, but I'm not really sure how much of that memory is true. I do remember a really stinky catfish that Jason and I kept pulling out of the river, and I think Dad was still there. I think I had almost tumbled over, or Jason did, and we had pulled each other away from the waterfall, but it probably wasn't that tall or fast, not sure where it was, maybe a road trip as a kid.

There was one more paranormal thing that really stands out to me from when I was a child. Jason and I were sleeping in the sunroom, and I think I was heading down the stairs to get my blanket or a drink or something. I saw a light up in the sky, that was like 1 big circle in the middle, and 8 circles going around it, all white light. They were moving through the sky, the smaller lights circling the larger light as it travelled by. I'm not sure how much of this was imagination or false memories or what, it's so hard to remember back then, and I loved my imagination. Still do, all I want to do is dream.

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Mom - 2016-08-13 18:09:08:

Always loved your imagination

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