Dec 18 2010 - Aug 11 2013

Resolutions Overview: 2010: 2010-12-18

  1. Write more. Again. I suck at this one. - Nope.
  2. Be with Diana the entire year. - Easy one.
  3. Read more. - Nope again.
  4. Keep the house awesome. - Hard with everything going wrong with it, but I'm still loving it, and all the improvement projects I've done and are planning.
  5. Keep pets safe, from the universe and themselves. - Managed that for the cats, sadly lost a few hamsters this year.
  6. Don't screw up at the wedding. - One little mistake, besides that it went great, lots of fun after the ceremony.
  7. Go to Socrata Island. - Went to Japan, which is an island, and it was great there, would love to be able to live there, finally a climate I can stand.
  8. See Diana get better. - She seems better? Not sure what I meant with this one, but she's healthy.
  9. Have more sex. - I actually think we're having less sex, think it has to do with how much we're away from each other, lucky to have 2 or 3 hours a day with each other, except on weekends, where we get maybe 6 or 8 hours. Also I think I'm too kinky for her, I need to tone that down a bit.
  10. Have an awesome beard all year long. - Check.

It was a good year, married, got to go to Japan, which was probably my favourite part of the year. I've really improved at the work I do over the last year, and I hope to continue to improve.

In other news I was employee of the month for the month of October, yay :).

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YKWTI - 2010-12-25 02:37:59:

Penis will not go through the Green Glass Door, but a pussy will. ROTFLMAO priceless. And I dont get it.

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