Nov 01 2016 - Nov 01 2016

Remembrance Day "Respect": 2016-11-01

I think the whole thing started when storefronts would decorate their displays to match the holidays and would "skip" over remembrance day displays after Halloween. Only room for one display so it felt they were pushing towards the more commercial holidays and leaving out the others.

It kind of makes sense on that level, there is only room for one, so why not wait to put out the display or start playing the Christmas music (not like there is remembrance day music though). Besides that though we can multi task and focus on a few things at once. Christmas has a lot more prep time to it, so naturally we plan ahead sooner. There is much prep time to stopping and thinking, nothing to buy or work on. Christmas has gifts and everything, to buy, then wrap, and it's always good to try to beat the holiday rush, which is why people start buying earlier and earlier, so shops start earlier and earlier.

At home though I think very few people do any decorations for Remembrance day, they might wear a poppy for a fortnight, but it's more about keeping them in your thoughts, and remembering than showing off, where as Christmas as a lot more decorative. And I personally believe you should try to keep them in your thoughts all year round, not a fortnight or day or an hour. We wear the poppy to show our respect, and that we remember, and we keep them in our thoughts and try to help that shape our moral code and actions. They are really completely separate, besides possibly taking up storefront space, and really don't need to compete.

As well I totally understand in our climate wanting to set up early, by November 11th there may be snow or icy conditions making it harder to set up. Safety first. I would maybe even set up early October or I understand waiting to do it while you take the Halloween decorations down so they don't clash.

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