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Reducing The Work Week: 2016-03-08

So agree with the idea of a reduced work week. We used to work 6 twelve hour days, now we do 5 eight hour days, I think it's time to do 4 six hour days. Wages and cost of living should be adjusted to match.

Sadly consumerism has really gotten in the way. People are very anti union now. They always want more stuff, they want to work more, not less. So many people I know work 2 part time jobs as a full time job is hard to come by, or they do a part time full time, when there are so many people looking for work. It's time to re-distribute the workload, let others work more, so everyone can work less. We should all just be working part time jobs, though that should be the new norm for full time jobs.

The history of Winnipeg and unions is great, we helped finally put a cap on workers hours, we helped develop what is currently the norm. I think it's time the norm has changed, it's been over 100 years, technology has advanced so far, it's time we can relax more, instead of companies pushing us to work more.

People seem to be against machines, like when computers took over X job or Y job, but that means people are free to go work elsewhere, or even actually have more leisure time overall.

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