Jan 24 2010 - Aug 11 2013

PS2 Games For Sale: 2010-01-24

Below is a list of PS2 games I am trying to get rid of since I've change to the PS3. I am selling them, $5 Canadian each, though I will consider discounts for bulk purchases. I will put an "x" in the brackets as they are taken. Please contact me using my contact form if you are interested.

[x]Jax Combat Racing
[x]Karaoke Revolution volume 3
[x]Hot Shots Golf 3
[x]Showdown Legends Of Wrestling
[x]Robotech Battlecry
[x]Guilty Gear Isuka
[x]Orphen Scion Of Sorcery
[x]Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater
[x]Marvel Ultimate Alliance
[x]Katamari Damacy
[x]Socom Combined Assault
[x]Medal Of Honour Frontline
[x]Silent Hill 3
[x]Marvel Nemesis Rise Of the imperfects
[x]God Of War
[x]Rainbow Six 3

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