Jun 01 2010 - Aug 11 2013

Problems: 2010-06-01

Had several problems this weekend. There was the constant flooding of the house. I just about finished drying the basement from Monday's thunderstorm when we got a lot more rain for the weekend. It was going well until Saturday morning when the drain stopped draining and then backed up. It was about 6-8 inches high, I had to shut the furnace off, it was coming over the first step in the basement. We have yet to dry the basement, it is taking a while. We hope to re-seal the walls and have a plumber come check out the drain, it's bad enough it's coming in through the foundation, we don't need the drain adding more water.

On Friday we were supposed to go to Rumours, but since I couldn't find any photo ID I couldn't get in, I ended up snapping my phone in frustration. We went home to search for it and it turns out Diana lost my ID, so we have to begin the process of re-applying for everything.

When we went to get the new phone I didn't get the one I wanted exactly, although it is an MP3 player, so I don't have to bring my ipod with me anymore, it is not Bluetooth stereo capable, so I can't have wireless headphones. It would of been another $200 to get the one I want, plus $100 for the headphones. I'll just wait until my contract is up and make sure to get it then when I re-new the contract.

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