May 22 2016 - May 22 2016

Positive Parenting: 2016-05-22

I think it's easy to learn more ways to stay and think positive. I think if you focus on the positive it wires your brain to focus on that more. Like exercising. If you have your brain going through the same path over and over, it'll be easier in the future. Like if life was a forest, and there were paths to take, well if you kept taking the positive path it would get worn and beaten down and easier to take, until it becomes natural to take the path. How rivers are formed, we need to form the peaceful rivers of our mind.

Our thoughts are like water, but the path they take isn't random, we can control it through repetition and practise, by building paths for it to take. Digging the channel in, deciding the course of action. All of us are far from perfect, naturally, and we have no control of our thoughts, but by trying to focus, our actions, changing our thoughts when we have them, re-direction, we can change our future thoughts. Be angry less and happy more.

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