Apr 02 2010 - Aug 11 2013

Pets Gallery Finished And April Fool's: 2010-04-02

For those of you who follow my site you would of noticed a lot of pictures posted recently, expect a lot more to come as well. I am uploading all of my pictures from my various folders to this site, pets is the first folder I have finished. I have decided to not upload them all at once so it's not just one big massive spam of content, but a more controlled stream. I have settled for 1-3 pictures a day, preferring 3 so I can finish this endeavour all the sooner.

Work today was a bit hectic, a continuation from last night. Last night one of the coolers broke down, and everything had to be moved to the other one. Today everything had to be moved back, also as it is the beginning of the month we had a lot of prep to do, lot of work but we got through it.

As it was pretty busy today I limited myself to two pranks. One was on Facebook, posting that I was headed to the hospital with Diana. That got a few calls, and it might have been in somewhat poor taste, though still funny. The second one came around the end of night when the night bellman came on. We sent him with an order of nachos to a vacant room, much laughter was had by all.

On the home front I've been very busy. I've erected a shelf in the basement to keep the cats away from the insulation, and Diana put up new harder plastic in the areas my shelf won't cover. I have begun construction of a compost bin, and we are planning out our landscaping changes, April will be a busy month for us.

I have also taken some steps to reduce our waste, we have put recycling bins around the house, to encourage recycling (a lot of items were being thrown out as we didn't want to go outside to put it in the bin. As well the compost bin will help reduce food and landscaping waste.

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