Aug 30 2016 - Aug 30 2016

Pet Peeve: If You Don't Like It Get Out: 2016-08-30

I do hate when people say "if you don't like it leave", really big peeve of mine. No you should stay and make it better (or try to at least). If your opinions don't stick they weren't good or well received, or just not a good fit for the group, but hang around and try. You are free to not like every aspect of the group and work to improve what you don't. Same with Canada or countries, hate when people turn the argument into well if you don't like it get out of the country. That isn't debating the argument, it's just a logical fallacy to attack the person for making the argument, while ignoring the argument itself. At least you are willing to say something instead of remain silent, it may be a good point, or a bad one, but at least you are speaking up. People are free to like the majority of something, and still be vocal about what they don't like, to speak up and try to improve that minority as well.

If you kept chasing people out for not agreeing with one of a million opinions you hold you'd turn into 100 niche groups with very specific opinions, an echo chamber where you keep hearing what you want so you believe it more and more. You need to challenge your views to make sure you are right, question everything. So easy to think everyone thinks a certain way, or that your way must be correct when you surround yourself with so many like minded people and chase those that disagree out. It's so easy to fall into that trap, reassuring us with like minds instead of challenging our minds.

Sometimes you need to be able to vent or rant or give critical criticism and not be so easily dismissed. You need to be able to heard and understood, nothing is perfect, we have a right to try to improve things; these are basic human needs. We want to be listened to, and considered, we all have our complaints, and they should be valid on their merit, not just dismissed because it's negative or a compliant in of itself.

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