Aug 16 2021 - Aug 16 2021

People Seem To Prefer To Be Negative And Miserable : 2021-08-16

The online world is so negative, a bit because of the hive mind that pushes against positivity. If you hate or dislike something you don't want to see others liking it. So when people see someone liking something they don't, people try to push them away by badgering them about liking it. Teasing them, saying they only like it because they are paid to. Come up with reasons to dismiss their thoughts and opinions, either to others or to themselves so that they can feel there is a big bubble or safe place of people in their circle who all are constantly negative. They push people to extremes, sort of liking something and trying to be fair, say the things you like and dislike, they will hate and attack for the parts you like as if is some great offense. That by focusing on the positive aspects you excuse the negative, instead of just trying to enjoy things and life and not getting bogged down by the negative.

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