Aug 14 2021 - Aug 14 2021

Passing On Wisdom: 2021-08-14

So much still remains in my head, so much knowledge to pass on, the little things, the details, of how I cope with every day life. Will my children actually read this one day and gain from this? Will there still be a world when they are adults? I write this for them. When doing dishes, use the metal scrubbie on metal surfaces, and the green scrubbie on ceramics, plates, things you don't want to scratch as it is less abrasive. Slow cooking is always better, can get it exactly to where you want. Butter is one of your best friends, thickens and adds flavour. Cut against/across the grain of the meat. The grain is kind of how it flows, think of it like an onion, have to make the layers, so going against makes smaller pieces. Always clean if you have a second of down time. Keep the dish machine running, always have the racks ready to go through. In beteween you can do other other things, get other things ready to go through. Stack everything, someone will come to clear the dishpit, most important thing is getting everthing washed. You can only go so fast, the machine itself will eventually be your slowing point. Go faster than the machine.

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