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Out-Pricing Holiday Gifts: 2016-12-03

if people want to set their prices that's their choice, just like any business. Someone can come along and underprice them, but right now supply is low so they can't. That's the key to flipping, buy low, sell high. Everyone makes money their own way, know your demand and supply.

It's a person's property, it's their choice to try to sell it for how they want. Can always choose to ignore it and scroll by, especially in BST groups. It's like going into Safeway and saying telling customers this meat is $2/100g cheaper at Superstore.

It may not be in the "spirit" of the holiday, but it is in the "spirit" of reality, it's best not to worry about people doing this and just move on. Like if I knew a place that bought steel at $200/lb, and I could find someone selling for $50/lb why is it so wrong if I become a middle man? I get that because of the holidays people feel you shouldn't take advantage of this time of year, but not everyone celebrates or celebrates the same, and to a lot of people their celebrations aren't based on how they make money or affected by how others choose to celebrate.

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Ryan - 2016-12-11 12:04:33:

As long as the person is honest about what they are offering, and don't lie about the original price if asked, or offering merchandise that is a knock off or mis-representing themselves or their product I don't think it's dishonest, just an effect of the business world. Now there is something to be said for them having a temporary monopoly, but it will sort itself out as more product becomes available, it isn't like other monopolies where corporations actively work to keep their monopoly. If they were disrupting shipments or something that would be immoral in my opinion, but simply being smart or lucky is nothing to be ashamed of.

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