Sep 13 2016 - Sep 13 2016

On Being The "Fun" Dad: 2016-09-13

I sometimes think I feel like I'm expected to be "dumb" so I play the role, the buffoon, as I feel it's what I should do, and it's hard to fight that and get out of that. I grew up watching Homer Simpson, Tim Allen, and other TV Dads, so I feel like I shouldn't know how to do things properly, I should be screwing up, and just making jokes and be the jokster, just focus on having fun and not worrying. And I feel I can't really break that mold, maybe that's who I am or who I became, was it nature or nurture, can I change, or do I always try to fall into that role because that's what I know, what I think a dad should be based off TV.

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