Oct 11 2021 - Oct 11 2021

Muu: 2021-10-11

Muu has been missing about 2 weeks now. He has gotten outside before, but this time just felt different. He didn't show for supper and I just became extremely worried, this terrible sinking feeling I might not see him again. It was so strange because I don't usually get that when one of them goes missing. Just been too much loss, Bestaur, Monzy, Calvin, Nutmeg, now Muu. They cut down my trees in the front to almost nothing and now my cactus is dying if not dead.

So tired of all this vaccine stuff too, I got 1 dose so far, was told 21 days, then I go and am told 28 days. Just wanted to get it over with, the metaphorical raping of my body. Whatever happened to your body your choice? Well it's my body my choice, but they take away rights or privileges, basically forcing it onto me and so many others. I'll do it because I like eating in restaurants, I like seeing my friends sometimes, I like freedom. I don't believe it will cause me harm to have the needle, or I hope not though I likely don't have the best heart, but I don't want the needle either and that should be my choice.

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