Apr 15 2016 - Apr 15 2016

Life In General: 2016-04-15

Ryder killed the bala sharks, they were so big too :( . He had gotten kitty litter in all the tanks when he snuck downstairs, we changed the tanks as fast as we could, but either they ate some cat food, or it was too much of a shock the full water change and gravel clean, they didn't last a day. Tried a few things, adding bacteria, checking all the levels, but no luck. Lost all my tetras in the other tank too. This was about a week or 2 ago.

Logan is starting to really climb up the stairs now, super fast too, loves it. It's weird being home all the time, I love it, but at the same time I miss biking, I miss a fast paced environment. I am happy now, though I feel I don't get enough one on one Ryder time still, and I miss the big hugs he'll give me when they came to pick me up at work./PARA]

I seem to go to sleep right after the kids, and am up just before, so it feels like I am never really alone, I miss my desktop time too. So behind on all of my running projects now. So much I want to write and read. Finally winter is ending, can go outside again, bike or walk, get some time to myself to just think. Need to sleep less and stay up later so I get a few hours just me or just Diana and I. So tired all the time though, but need some time to myself too.

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