Jan 29 2005 - Aug 11 2013

Journal #59: 2005-01-29

Sorry for not writing lately, I promise to try to write more from now on. I'm really excited because tomorrow I'm going to be going out to the movies with Amber (we haven't called it a date but you never know). I'm going to be dressed up extra nice, freshly shaved etc. because I really want to end up going out with her. But here's the problem, I'm a fucking moron.

See I'm still technically going out with Sherry because we haven't actually told each other we are broken up. But From what Jackie and Carly have told me she just wants to be friends, so I have been avoiding her for the past three weeks, basically ever since New Year's she's been giving off this vibe. But there's another part to the problem, Robyn. When she left that note for Dean on his timecard, I was feeling so jealous even though we've been broken up for months. And now there are these rumours that I want to get back together with her at work, and I think she would be interested from the way people have been talking. And I really don't know, I was always happy with Robyn but she never seemed that interested in the relationship she never really gave me signs or tried any moves so it never got sexual on any level. But with Amber it's different and she seems to be really sexual so I know we won't have that problem. Well if things go well tomorrow I might end up going out with Amber, or not, either way it will decide on whether I should go back to Robyn and stop being so fucking shy with her.

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