Dec 04 2010 - Aug 11 2013

It's December: 2010-12-04

Almost at the end of the year. Got a lot accomplished, getting married probably the biggest one. I have a lot of plans for next year, a stand for the rain barrel, some new drywall on the basement steps wall, etc. I never did get around to starting to make my site template, which is disappointing, but I did make some good upgrades to my site in the process of trying to figure it out. I seem to have given up on my writing for this year, I accredit it to the lack of reading I have been doing; the two go hand in hand. I'm not sure what the next site overhaul will be, perhaps I'll finally get colour theory down (though I like my blues), or get the comment system finished; which has been on hiatus for way too long.

I would like to give thanks to an anonymous reader who pointed out an error in my green glass door page, it has since been fixed. It's really nice getting e-mails through the contact form that I put up because I know it's a little more effort than commenting, so that deters a lot of people. My readership has at least doubled since the beginning of the year, I only started logging in June so I can't be sure.

Work is its usual busy self, been doing a lot of 6 day weeks as of late, it'll slow down soon though, and I don't mind, happy where I work, 95% of the time. Every day I get better at what I do, hone some aspect of my skill, or learn a new technique, and that makes me happy.

Last night I had a dream people were speaking Japanese and kept saying "katakuna" thinking it translates as money. I looked it up and it translates as obstinate, which means very difficult to change or overcome; being stubborn in one's actions or will despite attempts of others to persuade you to change. Not sure what to take of that.

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