Jun 11 2010 - Aug 11 2013

Gimli: 2010-06-11

Went to Gimli last weekend, everything was paid for. It was really nice, though Diana got badly burnt Sunday. We had dinner and breakfast comped,the pickerel I had was really good, enjoyed it thoroughly. Didn't catch any fish, though Diana learned how to learn a rod which is a plus.

Still having water problems in the basement, it's slowly seeping in from the cracks on the floor and some spots on the wall. The cement we put down has helped, inside and out, though until we dig we'll never really get the foundation fixed. We fixed the corner on the outside, which I think a lot of was coming in from, though we still seem to be getting some in from other places. We sadly don't have the money to get it properly fixed, so we'll just have to do a really good patch job. We are going to put more cement down, and a lot more sealant and hopefully that does the trick.

In site news I have finished phase one of my pictures update. I have a lot of pictures that I want to put on the site, so my writing has kind of stopped as I've been working on the pictures. It is rather difficult thinking of new titles and alt titles for everything, but I'm getting there. Since I have so many pictures to upload I've divided it into phases, which are really just folders with a hundred odd pictures in them. There will be many phases. Sadly I haven't been able to keep to my rule of no more then 50 items in a category, which is really apparent in pictures of me, I will try to sub-divide later when I'm done uploading.

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