Jun 03 2021 - Jun 03 2021

Future: 2021-06-03

I don't believe in an afterlife. This is all we have. More and more I don't even know if we have much of a future left here either. Nothing else matters if we don't have a planet to live on. That said I don't think we should ignore people's plights either, but the environment should always be the main focus as we continue to miss goals and hit checkpoint and checkpoint for major disaster and no ability to return. Nations are useless, we are all just people and may fight a lot less if we stopped trying to divide ourselves into so many categories. Let's save this earth while we still can. If we still can.

1 thing this pandemic has shown is a lot more of us can be working from home. I can't, but I choose to bike to work everyday. There is no need for large vehicles or any type of motor vehicle really for our personal every day commute. Excluding mobility or professional transportation issues of course, let's not get on the whataboutisms, let's focus on how most of us don't need to be driving so much every day.

The added health benefits of cleaner air and more physical activity will also see gains in our universal healthcare long term.

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