Sep 17 2016 - Sep 17 2016

First World Problems: 2016-09-17

I just dislike the phrase, I feel people should have a right to vent/rant about first world problems and not be told they are not allowed to complain because of how minuscule the problem is. It is still a problem that might be able to help people be a touch happier, if it makes people happier it's an endeavour I will support.

The same with people being upset when the government comes out with "small" laws, saying they have bigger fish to fry or should be working on this or that. You can have the government working on many things at once. Why limit ourselves?

We shouldn't be dismissive of the complaint because of where it comes from, we should focus on the content. It is obviously important to some people, and not just this complaint. If it was important enough to someone to speak out about it, to have their rant, then it shouldn't be so easily dismissed.

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