Oct 04 2016 - Oct 04 2016

Driverless Cars: 2016-10-04

I love the idea. Imagine where all the seats are rear facing, no need to be forward facing, can be a lot safer. There can be so many safety innovations. Imagine when there is no need for user control unless you want it built it, small digital control panel, no wheel or pedals or shift sticks, all the room that would save. This could really reduce deaths. Especially when they are all self driving and can talk to each other and know what to expect. Traffic jams can be so reduced, mostly just by cars knowing or "agreeing" to all take different routes. No more angry drivers. Imagine sleeping on your way to somewhere, reading a book, I am all for any added leisure time.

We might not even need a car for everyone anymore, have some kind of AI running the system, let it know where you need to go it sets you up with a suitable vehicle. Can have them parked all over ready to go. It can plan car-pooling, drop people off on the way, pick a few people up at a time in the neighbourhood. With out the steering wheel and pedals they can be designed to be roomier and maybe even fit more people as well.

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