Sep 04 2021 - Sep 04 2021

Draft: 2021-09-04

So much I cannot say anymore. Not on Facebook or life, risk of losing friends. Why can't I choose not to take a needle, why can't I have the pets I want or go explore the world. Say how you feel and people quietly unfriend you, distance themselves because you have different ideas, retreat to their echo chambers. That's what life is now, more and more echo chambers, dividing us all more and more. No one tries to find common ground, but just more like-minded people. Looking for fights instead of peace. At least I have this website no one looks at. Now I will be forced to take a needle. I wish I was better with them. Gave blood once, would do it more if they could do it without needles. Feel judged for not being vaccinated, I believe they work I just really really don't like needles. If it was a pill it would be done by now. The world is ending and this isn't even just the start, just more noticeable than other things. Climate change will rock us all.

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