Oct 03 2010 - Aug 11 2013

Double Order Of Pizza: 2010-10-03

Got home from the mall today, went to get a new toque after losing my Led Zeppelin one, and went to order pizza online. I tried to order from Boston Pizza, but it came up with error after error, saying the order didn't go through to the restaurant and to call. Eventually I gave up and ordered from Pizza Hotline. Soon enough BP is at the door with my first order, and then Pizza Hotline comes with my second order; so I now have double the amount of pizza I wanted. I checked my e-mail and never got a confirmation from BP, and they never called my cell, so I'm putting this on them, they should always send a confirmation that the order has been received. Luckily I can never have enough pizza, so I'm set for the week now.

Got to work the carving station at work last Sunday. It was a little rough to start, but once I got into it I was doing great. I had some troubles with the first few plates fitting it on, but then I started folding it in half with the tongs and things went great, except for one lady who wanted well done, took me forever to cut her a few good slices.

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