Mar 23 2021 - Mar 23 2021

Conservatives Are Terrible People: 2021-03-23

Never mind all the climate collapse denial that they are rife with, part of their issue is most of them are religious/cultist and believe some magic sky god will just fix everything for them, or they will all go to this make-believe afterlife where they can enjoy eternity. Sounds nice, but it's not real. They make decisions and policies based on fairy tales of magical lands after they die. I would say in general religious people care less about others, because they think everyone has some soul to save or carry on. More so with christians of course. Some actively seem to be rooting for the end times, either so they can go to heaven or who knows what, but they seem happy our world is ending.

They care more about money than people, don't care about poverty, just about helping the rich stay and get richer. They feel everyone should be treated equal, regardless of your situation, so someone making 100k a year should pay the same taxes as someone making 30k a year. They cut social programming because they had to struggle, so they think to be fair everyone has to struggle. Instead of you know thinking "Hey I had to struggle, money was tough, caused stress on my parents marriage, maybe it would be nice if the next generation didn't have to struggle as much, if things were better". They oppose change, they don't want things better, they just want to watch the world burn and be destroyed because it's more fair if everyone suffers than if some people got a helping hand because those people needed it. Because others don't need a helping hand no one should get one?

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