May 09 2010 - Aug 11 2013

Compost Bin Almost Done: 2010-05-09

So I spent most of the day finishing the compost bin, all that left is to put on the hinges and handle, sand it and paint it. All the cutting and measuring is done. It will be nice to start composting around the house.

Work is going okay, still dealing with Jeff, but sometimes he's nice and sometimes he's an asshole. Been ignoring him for the last week or so, but he called me on it, so had to talk to him on Saturday.

Got a peg in the ground to let the cats out, Shadow doesn't like to be out for long, and Calvin doesn't want to be outside at all, but Cinnamon is loving it.

After I turned the freezer off I didn't think to soak up the water and leave it open, so the lack of fresh air and the moisture was a perfect breeding ground for mold. I will need to clean that out tonight. The basement has dried up, the dehumidifier seems to be helping, plus it was always a little too humid in there with the dryer not going anywhere. We put cement down and hopefully it does the trick, plan on putting everything back down the basement after the next rain fall, assuming no rain gets in.

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