Jan 04 2010 - Aug 11 2013

Cats Got In Trouble: 2010-01-04

The cats got in trouble today/yesterday after breaking a vase last night. Diana was very mad at them, and was yelling quite a bit. We then woke up to find the "M", "N", and space bar keys missing from the laptop, luckily all were found. We have since forgiven the kittens and all is well.

Been having some nightmares lately. In one I'm in bed completely immobilized and someone is coming in the front door, it feels like I'm awake in this one. I can hear them trying to get in, then when the door opens I wake up, usually still immobilized; from fear.

Another nightmare I had last night was rather strange. I went for a beer, and it hit me with some gas that made me deaf/mute. Everyone kept talking to me and I couldn't understand a single thing they were saying, or tell them I was disabled. Ear wax started coming out of my ear shaped like hamster drops, and I had to take a crap. Every time I found a toilet it was a huge struggle to get my pants off, and when I did reality would change and I'd be in another room, with another set of clothes.

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