Apr 03 2010 - Aug 11 2013

Calvin - Newest Addition To The Family: 2010-04-03

We picked up Calvin (6 month old male tabby mix) from a woman who couldn't care for him anymore as her apartment changed their rules about pets. It's a little edgy right now between him, Shadow and Cinnamon but I hope things calm down, updates to follow.

UPDATE: Cinnamon is in heat and has taking a bit too strong of a liking to Calvin, we've had to keep them separated. As well Shadow continues to growl and hiss at Calvin. Calvin has started to fight back, and I'm sure in a few days it'll sort itself out. Tomorrow we plan on going to the vet and getting him neutered, so there will be no worries of a house full of kittens. For now we have to either keep Cinnamon separated or keep a close eye on them.

We ending up locking Cinnamon and Shadow in the room with us so we could sleep, Calvin had the run of the house last night. This morning we locked Cinnamon in the other room and let Shadow and Calvin go at it. They're slowly getting used to each other.

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