Apr 17 2021 - Apr 17 2021

Bike Stuff: 2021-04-17

So seems finally found my bike, or one similar, but couldn't get a meet up arranged, and they have kind of ghosted me on communications now. How it goes in this world, lose and loss, and things get taken. You build up a bit and it's taken again. This whole world is slowly dying, faster and faster, and it's just whatever you can take for yourself now. I had such hopes for my children and wanted them to grow up in a good life, but now it seems less and less likely, there is no future really. They will struggle, probably decide not to have grand-kids and that's the end of that. Rayman, the fire, I've had my bike stolen from my garage before, another bike stolen, our house broken into, a bike stolen at the airport. 0Just too much taken lately and too much loss. It weighs me down lately, the environment, the lack of progress we make on anything, not sure will get a vacation ever again, barely stay afloat, lucky to break even month to month, and then people come and take shit from us again and again. If it isn't the conservatives and their conned voter base it's someone else. Either rich assholes end vital services, MTS needs to be a crown corp again, we need proper healthcare, education, social services, or poor assholes just literally take whatever we don't have our eye on for that second.

Got called racist for even making the post about the thief. Because apparently if a native person commits a crime we can't call them out for it now. Tired of the PC/SJW white knight culture that is just looking to fight another issue instead of actually helping people. So many white knights out to defend others, make shit up just to defend them, literally making issues out of nowhere. Focus when something is stolen is always on victim blaming, was it locked, how many locks, maybe you should have locked it up better. But then the focus is on me being racist instead of the person who pushed me into being even more mentally unstable, who physically took items from me that didn't belong to them, but then I'm the bad person for trying to do something about it.

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