Feb 12 2018 - Feb 12 2018

Won Tickets To Celebrations From QX104: 2018-02-12

QX104 has been so good to me, I win as much from them as I do on the jets games from Royal Pizza! So excited to go out now. Have won a few movies showings before, which is great as I don't really go out to see movies anymore. Diana and I used to go like once a week when we were dating, and would rent movies from blockbuster almost every weekend.

I remember when Despicable Me 3 came out, I won tickets and a swag bag. Took the boys and had so much fun. Ryder actually won another swag bag at the theatre just before the show. Logan slept through most of the movie and they were so cute with the chocolate and popcorn. I think that's when they got their scooters too from Nona, played with them so much when they got them. I loved the yellow minion shirt I got, and Ryder had fun with the magnets putting them on the microwave. There was a even a foam toy the dog got to rather quickly lol. Pins and other things to remind us of that time. Always so worried without items to remind me of good times I'll forget them, so writing it all down. That I'd put on the shirt and go "hey Ryder this is from that time we had a day together and you won that bag ad we had fun with Nona." I'm worry now without these things there will be nothing to trigger the memories when I'm older. So much of my childhood I wanted to go through with him I had kept bins of everything for when he was older and could ask questions, like a license plate that David and I found that had 420 on it. I so want them to know me, to know my history, what I did, what I did it with, how I used what toys, my favourite legos, every detail. Want to be able to tell them it all, answer all their questions, whatever it may be, tell them stories of what I did. And I never remember that stuff, but wearing a shirt, or going through old toys, brings back a lot of that, like seeing a specific bouncing ball reminds me of a time playing with my brother in the house. And I can't remember a lot of that now without the bins of stuff I hoarded.

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Ryan - 2018-02-12 08:20:45:

Just so much had meaning to it, that I would only know seeing it kind of thing, that's so hard to express. I can't write it all down, because I honestly don't remember until I see an old stuffed animal or something.

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