Jul 21 2019 - Jul 21 2019

Week Off: 2019-07-21

Had a week off both jobs, went to a cottage outside of the city. Great time with the kids, did a lot of fishing, only caught 1 myself, but Ryder caught his first fish (together) a perch! Was just nice to sit there and not worry about things, so relaxing. 1 scary moment when Logan went a bit too deep without his jacket on, but we had eyes on him and Diana was quick to the rescue, tried to follow his brother a bit too far. Amelia was like that too, while Clara was nice and stayed at the beach just playing in the sand. Had a nice hike with Diana, went boating a bit, lots of time with and without the kids, thanks to my mom and Kevin for watching them so Diana and I could have some alone time.

Ryder has also invented a religion, based on the Weatherman. Basically a long long time ago there was no one, just Mother Earth. Then she made the first human, the Weatherman, and he looked on the Weather Network, and saw there was nothing, so he made and told the weather. All humans come from him (I think), and he turned into a tree with 3 branches to control the weather. When we die we get to meet the Weatherman, who protects the Earth and Mother Nature and all of the animals and plants and things. Because he's the first human he will live forever as long as there are trees, telling the weather for us.

Also a sad/troubling day getting the boys haircuts today. They said they wanted to be like me, but I'm not the me I want to be, so it feels they want to be someone else, some faker, poser, some nothing nobody. They wanted hair like mine, which is buzzed right now for work and I hate it, they want to be what I hate about myself. Guess we can all grow our hair long together, can't bring myself to trim the beard, but I think I'll have to soon or wear the annoying beard net.

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