Dec 20 2019 - Dec 20 2019

Stuff: 2019-12-20

I just want to do things my way. I should be in charge, I should be a supervisor or boss or manager, I know I can do better. I am good at being a leader, not best doer but I can lead or get things going. I should be in charge of my life of everything not nothing. Yes I get that it's bad to be proudful of anything, to think that you are something special, but you know what I am. I know my skills, I know what I am good at. I run my Facebook groups very well, I can recognize my skills and why not talk good about myself for once. I can lead and organize, and talk to people and make plans. I am good at talking to people, espcially as a support type.

And I Can't build back up from the beginning again. I'm an old dog I missed my chance in life. No new tricks. No more forward for me. I just have the past to look back on, and I don't even have that. I screwed up things time and time again, just another in billions of lives that will soon vanish.

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