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Speaking Out In Groups: 2018-05-27

I do kind of think it is a good thing to speak out about things you don't like in a group rather than remaining silent or leaving. And I think criticism should be encouraged, constructive or not, though pushed towards being constructive,guide and steer the conversation in that direction instead of being dismissive. I feel if you love something like a group, you just don't leave, but stay and try to make things better, point out areas that can be approved, because nothing will ever be perfect, things can always be better to try to suit the needs of everyone, rather than people fearing to speak out about things because they fear repercussions. Though of course it would go a lot better if it was started respectfully, I think if it was taken a bit more seriously it could have been steered into a positive direction.

Like schools, you have an issue with school people don't tell you "if you don't like it leave", you stay and fight to get policies changed, make things better. I feel if there is something you don't like in the group you should feel free to speak up about it without being mocked. I'd much rather be in a world where we strive to improve things than let the status quo be. Be the change.

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