Aug 14 2019 - Aug 14 2019

Saw Car Set On Fire: 2019-08-14

I was biking home from work, I had just gone over the bridge and had decided to go into the park by the river for a bit of a break/scenic detour. I came out of the other side coming towards Brazier, and I saw a person what I assumed was going threw a white car on the corner. I believe I saw that white car on the corner earlier in the day on my way to work and thinking it was a weird place to park so close to the intersection. All of a sudden he backed up and the car exploded into flames as if the interior was doused in gasoline or some kind of cocktail. I then biked right past it and tried very hard not to look at him, I think he was behind me, I went through Talbot against the red, lucky not to get hit by a car, and biked home after that as fast as I could into the arms of Diana.

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Ryan - 2019-08-14 21:53:24:

This was just after midnight. I called Diana and left the phone on while I biked home after that.

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