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No Gifts Please: 2019-12-04

I really have more than I need in life, I ask anyone even considering getting me a Christmas gift DON'T! I don't need to be involved in the ever push towards mass consumerism and the pursuit of capitalist agendas, buying gifts because you "have" to. But on top of all the waste of the gift and the original wrapping and the factories they are made in, now you are adding fuel to pick up gifts, keep the locations running, be delivered, the waste in wrapping.

This gets onto "car culture" how our unrealistic need for everyone to have a car is killing ourselves and our planet. From the mining and drilling, to the pollution from burning the fuel and resources like lithium to make cars, the plastics, the factories, the work going into all the roads, the old parts, the waste, cars last less and less now. Everything about it, makes us less healthy as it changes our air, our lifestyles, we are less connected as a community versus one that walks everywhere, we are farther apart from each other literally and figuratively. We don't exercise as much.

I see a future where we all bicycle or take active/public transit. Yes some will need motor vehicles for work or delivering goods, but generally it shouldn't be needed every day just to move people around. It will require a massive lifestyle change for everyone, but long term it will be worth it. We wouldn't need residential roads for every street, just feeder streets, so less taxes there to maintain those roads, and backlanes, imagine all the density that can create, park space, whatever as these roads slowly disappear. No need for so many parking spots everywhere. Can have car rental companies, ride shares, like the rent a car that pop up. Have cars sitting in garages throughout the city, just ready for someone to step in and rent them, through an app, nice and easy. Right now it just seems there are too many cars, always.

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