May 21 2024 - May 21 2024

Keycon Time!: 2024-05-21

Thank you all to the volunteers and everyone who has made this happen. It has been quite a while since I've been to the con, was a different experience with the little ones for sure. Always 1 of them seemed to be upset about something or other, usual kid stuff, but when you have 4 the odds are always kind of against you 😂

They would not go play board games no matter what, then when we finally did they had a fit when it was time to leave. L is really into SCPs but didn't want to go in the room at all on Friday. Saturday he warmed up to the idea and started getting quite talkative about his knowledge and wanting to learn more.

Biggest disappointment was not entering the masquerade, but really were unsure of how long we would be around and at what times, especially as this was our first time taking them to a con didn't want to commit and have to run. Couldn't find a sitter for all 4 for the weekend so ended up skipping the social, and didn't get to chill as much as I like to, but we let it be child led and came and went as they wanted to.

So glad so many people work hard on putting this on still. Really hope to see it grow into its new space more. Really appreciated the craft area as well, so much they could do and they love to create.

I kind of miss what I remember, but every year is different. The con felt a lot smaller but it has been a rough few years with COVID I am sure. Dealers room and masquerade seemed half the size I remember it. Just means need to help promo it more!

I miss there being an art room that displayed so much amazing art. The art auction was great, I got so much of my art from that, I wish I still had some of it left, from this sci-fi tree to dragons. I remember a used book store opening up in the dealer's room with lots of good cheap sci-fi and comics. The purity test to kick things off. Buffy & Rocky singalongs. The adult masquerade after the initial one. The slave auction. WAC seems a lot smaller than I remember, I'm not even sure they have weekly meetings anymore, couldn't find an online presence. Miss those days a lot with them all, such a friendly bunch of people brought together by their love of a fandom.

I think that's what made and will keep making Keycon great. So many different fandoms coming together to showcase their fandom to the rest of us, their club's time to be on display. The hospitality suites were all done by different fandoms, I remember the anime room, the trek room, the video room, the pirate room, the renaissance room (got to enjoy Rhapsody for the first time there). Winning Gamers put up a LAN room, that was quite an experience. It felt very multi-generational, lot of jokes about families and people all knowing each other. There were the mentors leading the young ones into traditions and the fandom, but not in a gatekeeping way, but just so welcoming to the fun.

I remember LARPing going on constantly with it happening in the hallways constantly. We took over a few floors and the pool, it was like the whole place was for us and no matter where you went there was fun to be had. Watch anime, videos, play board games, D&D, listen to music, learn things you never knew before. The blender room!

Was so unsure of going this year, with the kids being so unpredictable, the last time I probably went was when Ryder was a baby, then I got older, planned my days off work in the summer more, especially after they were in school so we could have days off together. I can say I will be going 100% next year and getting the hotel room for the weekend.

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