Dec 12 2004 - Aug 11 2013

Journal #50: 2004-12-12

Had such a good time with Sherry on Friday, but I think I got her parents mad. But I feel real bad because I told her that I was going to see her Saturday after I stopped by at WAC and I ended up staying at WAC, and I still didn't get my Pizza Cats. I feel like such a jerk since I stood her up, and I promised myself I would never do anything to hurt Sherry.

At work today I took a 2 hour break and worked for an hour, got done around 7 so only 1 hour of work. Think the managers are going to be mad at me tomorrow. More importantly, I need to make this up to Sherry, I just feel terrible, and I do not want to lose her :(. I gave her a massage on Friday and she said she really liked it. We watched Samurai X, and I think her parents were a little upset that I ate, she told me not to eat there again but I understand.

I am thinking about going to school for first tomorrow so I can see her. I hope she forgives me, I am so happy that she is my girlfriend I do not want to screw this up. I am going to shave tomorrow, extra close really take my time, because I know she does not like facial hair.

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