Nov 08 2004 - Aug 11 2013

Journal #29: 2004-11-08

Walking around with shaved legs sure does feel different, if I don't get used to it I think I'll stick to hairy, it may not look as good but it doesn't feel as weird. Jackie did not yet buy the weed, but here’s hoping she does soon. Every time I see Sarah I can't seem to resist her. Didn't see her as much as I wanted but boy would I love to go out with her. Only problem is that she has a boyfriend, Tommy, so nothing can happen between us. Oh well me and Melanie are still going out anyway, just wished Mel would pay more attention to me.

Didn't get any homework done yesterday, but I have to get it done soon, need to get caught up in history already. Joined the chess club today, been since a long time since I played. Adam beat me once again, but I put up a good fight so I'm happy. I have to start practising more online once again. Bus tomorrow at work, and get the schedule, hope it goes good cause I need more money and I would really like it if I was put into dishroom.

I need to watch all the episodes of Andromeda; this new season is so confusing. I'm kind of not liking it because they ruined all the character developments up to this point, but then again at least they are not afraid to make major changes.

I ate way too much today and I'm still not exercising, I'm never going to lose all this weight. I was looking through me yearbook last night, made me so lonely seeing all the people I used to know. I hear Laura's having trouble in the place she’s living, like she has little food and stuff. Wish I could do something but there's nothing I can do. I really do miss her; she was the one person I can say I truly loved. But loved is the word not love, I'm over her now and I just want to find another nice girlfriend. It's not that Melanie isn’t nice; it’s just that she doesn’t give me the attention that I need.

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