Dec 02 2004 - Aug 11 2013

Journal #45: 2004-12-02

Worked today, 4:00 chicken. I did the chicken trough and busser pre-close. I got an IOU wrote up for a meal. Pay check today, $240, 40 to Mom, 160 for camera and need to buy the pictures I took. This year I averaged approximately 500$ a month. Mr. Selkin and I hit it off today, talked to him a bit and exchanged stories/jokes. Not going to get the End of Evangelion, not enough money. Got to buy the CD's for Brent. I'm going to burn a CD for Devin with all my music on it, headphones for Jason. Want to get something for Sherry but not sure if I'll have the money before x-mas break. Also not that sure about Sarah because of that. Guess I need to buy CD's too, to get Samurai Pizza Cats. Also not sure about Mel, don’t know if I'll be talking to her anytime soon. Going to get AJ porn and that vodka mixer at Zellers. Of course I could always not get the digital camera right now and get all the x-mas presents now which would make it possible to get Sherry and Sarah gifts. Just need another present for J, Mom, Baba and Dana.

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