Nov 27 2004 - Aug 11 2013

Journal #41: 2004-11-27

Mel broke up with me today :(, but we're still friends :). Almost got my Rwanda genocide project done. Going to try to buy a digital camera next Friday. Got to leave in an hour, I knew this was coming but it still hit me hard. Get pictures I took back on Wednesday, think I got a nice one of Danielle's thong (showing when she bent over). Can't wait to get digital, and then I'm going to have to buy a lot of X-mas gifts. Don't feel like talking much, or even typing much right now so this is it for today. Going to get my journals done when I get to Baba's tomorrow. I might have to borrow money from Mom, or get her to let me take some out. Got 11 gifts to buy, maybe twelve if I sign up for that secret Santa at WAC. Got to ask Brent how many CD/DVD's I need to give him to get Samurai Pizza Cats today.

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