Nov 25 2004 - Aug 11 2013

Journal #40: 2004-11-25

School was real fun today. Got to dance with Sarah, I'm a horrible dancer but the slow dance was fun. Got to dance real close to her and God it was perfect for but an all too brief moment, then the song changed. I just wish she wouldn't talk about Tommy so much, I mean I know he's her boyfriend but oh I wish she would go out with me, like that would ever happen.

Did chicken today, then ate, then did busser pre-close, then I cleaned out one of the ice tub thingy, I don't know what to call it, got a free meal for cleaning it though. Helped out AJ for a hour before my shift started, I'm getting real used to dishroom, I barely need at ask any questions anymore, I just wish she, Rose, would put me in dishroom already. They are hiring some more people; hope they get some people I know.

Haven't seen Mel in like forever, I'm sure that once I see her I'll forget all about Sarah, unless I actually have the guts to break up with her. Tonight I'm going to get bowling for columbine project done along with the journals, any journals I do not finish I will get done at Baba's tomorrow. Then at school during lunch I will work on Rwanda genocide project, then save it and bring it home. Saturday I'm going to finish the Rwanda genocide project and start work on Standard of living project. Sunday I'll work on re-doing the English self-knowledge essay. Monday I'll get anything I have left to do done and hand it all in Tuesday. Need to get it all done by report card time so that Mom only sees the bad math mark and we can discuss everything else.

Justin said he'll bring Golden Boy tomorrow, but I hope he does cause it is starting to annoy me. I'm going to ask Brent on Saturday how many CD/DVD's it would take to burn Samurai Pizza Cats (the entire series).

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