Nov 23 2004 - Aug 11 2013

Journal #39: 2004-11-23

Got in trouble again at school today, was fooling around in TA. Jackie said she would go out with me if I broke up with Melanie, problem is I never talk to Mel so I don’t even know if I will have the chance to break up with her. Mr. Land thinks the reason I misbehave is because I have first and second spare. So from now on I will be going to Baba’s before third period, need to get my English caught up, need to get the file from the school computers, also got some SNES ROMs and some really good mutators for my Tactical Ops. 58 more songs that I need to download. I really need to talk to Justin Lacko because he has my Golden Boy and it’s been a while since I lent it to him. David gave my back my Tactical Ops CD and I gave him my CD-RW with the mutators, I need to give him one more though. Here’s hoping

I have a dishroom shift tomorrow :). Need to get a lot of history stuff done too. In math if I have time I will work on English as well as English class, get my journals and group job all caught up. Then on the computer I will re-do that horrible assignment. Then at school from now on at lunch I will be working on the Rwanda genocide project. And then when that is done I will work on the new big project.

Mom told me she doesn't want me hanging around David anymore, can you believe the nerve of her telling me who I can and cannot hang out with. Like I'm old enough to decide my friends, she has NO right giving me advice on the subject.

I have to get a lot of work done at home; my deadline for getting everything done is December 6. The third or fourth of December I'm going to have to go Christmas shopping. I really like my haircut; I have got to remember to thank AJ for it when I get to work tomorrow.

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