Nov 21 2004 - Aug 11 2013

Journal #38: 2004-11-21

Had a great time Saturday. Met AJ at three then headed to my place. He then attempted to cut my hair and did a good job, up until the time that he had to use a razor. So then we went to his place and finished the job, I like it. We then went to Hooters; downtown was really busy because of the festival of lights. It was great when we got there; I had a quesadilla and a burger, and a chocolate moose cake. It came out to 25.05 including tax. Didn't have money to buy any DVD's but I did get some more film for my camera and new razors.

Went to WAC afterwards for a little bit, we didn't get there till like ten and it ends at eleven. I work later on today, 4:00 chicken, pretty sure I'm cleaning the chicken trough. Only have 59 more songs to download, if I ever get a chance with Jason at home all the time. I paid off all my debts so I'm good for a little while. D now has my Excel Saga and I promised to give Brent the box when I get it back, like I need the box anyway. I took a menu from Hooters as a souvenir.

I have got to clean my room, got garbage everywhere right now. I hope next check is big; I need to get Christmas presents already. And I also have to take Mel shopping, if that EVER happens, she says she's pretty sick right now and won't let me come over :(. And I want to buy the two Evangelion movies before someone else does at EB games.

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