Nov 17 2004 - Aug 11 2013

Journal #37: 2004-11-17

Worked today, 4:00 bus. Got the bussers to do close properly, I have to remember that next time we have to do legs from now on. I learned that in the busser sectional we are going to have to clean all the chairs. Still don't know what we're doing for the meat carver sectional. Haven't been hanging around friends as much anymore, just don't have the energy.

Went to Baba's for lunch, had some toast to go. Early dismissal so that I got to work an hour early, helped AJ for the hour then started on my busser shift. I realize now that Sarah will never go out with me, even Mel barely goes out with me anymore, haven't seen her for so long :(. I miss Melanie.

I got pretty much caught up in English, except the journals and the re-do of the self thing, but that can wait for later. Two more days until Saturday, I'm thinking about getting Evangelion, the two movies. I think I'll take $130 cash, $40 to Mom, $40 for movies, $30 for Hooters, maybe another $30 if Bestbuy still has Puni Puni Poemi. Then I'm taking Melanie shopping and if any money leftover I will start my X-mas shopping. Let's see need b-day gift for Jason, x-mas gifts for Mom, Baba, Melanie, Dana, AJ (Porn), Sherry, Sarah, Devin, and I think that is about it. Oh yeah and might want to get something for some of the people at WAC like Frank and D and Courtney and Randy.

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