Nov 16 2004 - Aug 11 2013

Journal #36: 2004-11-16

Saw Laura at school today. She had stopped by to see her friends. I was with her for like twenty minutes but then I decided, like a fucking moron, to go to Math class against her pleas to stay. I felt so bad about leaving her that I left class, just walked right out to the protests of the teacher, and went looking for her, but I couldn't find her :(.

Worked today, did chicken, was there till like 8 then I ate and went to some stores for Kevin but they didn't have what he wanted. Did back part of pre-close. Doreen was managing. Had to write an IOU to eat. Saturday's going to be fun, going to buy Evangelion movies, then come home and shave my head, then go to Hooters with AJ.

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