Nov 14 2004 - Aug 11 2013

Journal #34: 2004-11-14

I am SO mad at him right now. He went onto the computer, I'm guessing because I forgot to put the administrator password back on after I had re-enabled it, and deleted the sound and video drivers and partition magic. It's like he does a favour for you and then if he doesn't get exactly what he wants in return he takes it back. It's people like him that make this world a bad place. I want to just clobber him right now, as he is sitting on that computer. I have to wait for him to get off and then I'm going to have to download the drivers.

Need to do a lot of homework but I can't knowing I can't use my computer right now. I mean I can't play any games or listen to music and all because of that demon on earth. I had downloaded some files earlier onto the family computer and if Jason had deleted them I am just gonna delete every one of his files I can. Work was good today, it was just when I got home and discovered what that bastard had done.

My scratch on my arm isn't healing that good, it keeps opening up and I don't know what to do, I'm out of bandages and I don't want to ask Mom to go get some more. I'm thinking when Malcolm in the Middle comes on Jason is going to watch it and that will be my chance to get onto the computer to download the drivers. He tried to deny access to wmplayer.exe like he is the only one allowed to use Windows Media Player now. I deleted the thing so that you can access it again but now I wonder what he is going to do. Good news is he gave my CD burner back, never going to give it to him again. I just feel so sad to know that he was able to get into my computer. And I just know he would have gone into my porn file. There I just password protected my journals.

I need to read to chapter 15 tonight of "Ordinary People". I also have to draw some sort of sketch from that, god I hate being a bad artist. Went to bed at 5am last night, 2 hours sleep if it was sleep I was more kind of half awake.

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