Nov 10 2004 - Aug 11 2013

Journal #31: 2004-11-10

Downloaded some more songs today; also got two more AMV's. Still got a lot of songs to download. I'm never going to get anywhere with Sarah as long as I'm going out with Mel, need to talk to her and see if she still wants to go out, I kind of hope that me and her can make it work, I'm missing her right now it's been so long since I last seen her. I hope to do some major downloading tomorrow so that I can get all this music onto my computer finally. I hope to have by the end of the weekend my list down to twenty.

I think Mom and I are getting ready to fight. The major issue seems to be my math, but I think that she wants me to succeed too much. I mean a parent should push their children, but not this much. Decided to get rid of the title for my journals, just makes it easier to do and besides that date is the name of the documents anyway.

Painted my fingernails black in History toady with my marker, I kind of like the look but it's only temporary, it'll wash right off. I would actually paint them black but we’re not allowed to at work. Didn't see Sherry at school today :(, I think she wasn't there.

Got over four hours of music on this computer now that is almost half of what I have on the mini-disc player. Legs don't feel weird anymore so I think I'm going to keep them shaved. I had scratched my arm yesterday, I know I need to stop hurting myself, don't know how it's healing going to keep the bandages on for awhile.

Going to really work on my History tomorrow cause I don't want to fall too behind, we have another project coming up and I am getting behind. Need to keep caught up in English too. Thinking of dropping Math this semester and take Applied next semester. I was looking at the university requirements and all I really need is Senior Four Applied or Pre-Calculus, doesn't matter which one. Still got 71 songs to put onto this computer. I'm up to 173 MB of music. Going to Hooters next paycheck and I'm going to try to take Mel shopping. Then next two checks go towards Christmas. Got a bit of a running nose which is really bothering me.

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