Nov 05 2004 - Aug 11 2013

Journal #27: 2004-11-05

It was Miss Do's birthday today, bought two chocolate cakes, along with forks knives and paper plates. In hindsight the knives were a bad idea because no one used them. That cost about twenty dollars. Then I gave Jackie 40 so she could buy weed, she said she'd pay me back. 40 to Mom brings me down to 100, cause I put 40 in the bank. 10 for bus tickets and 20 buying more food brings me down to 70. 10 dollars in debts brings me to 60. Bought two Evangelion DVD's which brings me down to twenty, and I still need to pay for my pics tomorrow. At least I finally have the entire Evangelion series, now I only need "Death and Rebirth" and "End of Evangelion" and my Evangelion collection will be complete. So far the only thing I have complete is Excel Saga and Angel Sanctuary. And I guess Samurai X but that doesn't count cause I only have the first OVA, not the series. Oh well that puts me to twenty anime DVD's total, in a few years might be able to start my own club.

EB games had a good selection of Evangelion for a cheap price; I hope they still have it when I get my next paycheck. I'm trying to get 1 DVD every payday. Sucks that I'm broke now though, wanted to take Mel shopping. Oh well all she does is ignore me, or maybe she isn't checking her e-mail.

Someone lit the men's bathroom on fire while me and John had gone to Family Foods to get some food.

As of today there are 83 songs that I want to put onto this computer. I hope Jackie gives me back the money soon so I can buy some more DVD's from EB games, want to get the Evangelion movies before someone else buys them. Once I run out of anime to buy from Bestbuy, the HMV in Polo I'm going to start ordering online from this store I found, Right Stuf. I'm going to try to complete all the series I started, starting with Golden Boy and then Those Who Hunt Elves. Next I'm going to get a lot of good series that I could find in the store. I’m seriously thinking of having a con-suite for next year's Chibi-Con. 'll have my computer there, and a DVD player w/ TV and maybe have something like a Yugi-Oh tournament.

Got to meet AJ at 2:00 at KP tomorrow. Then we're going window shop for a little bit at places like Bestbuy. Then we're going to Supervalue to get my pictures. After that we're going to pick up Sherry and then onto Polo cause AJ needs to buy a birthday gift for a friend of his. After that we will be going to WAC, I think we might walk but I'd hate to make Sherry walk so much. I kind of hope Mel isn't going to be there, I'm going to stop trying to get in touch with her, see what happens. Maybe it would be better if Mel and I just stopped seeing each other as a couple and just became friends, then I would be able to go out with Jackie.

I'm going to try to get my History and English done this weekend before I fall incredibly behind, only got 78% on the last history test, which is better than before but I need good assignments to hep that out. English and History is what I need to work on, I could always take it next semester or even next year. If I do take it next year I'm going to also retake my grade 11 physics, I only got a 50 in it last year, and grade 10 Japanese, might as well get some help learning the language. And then if I have to go into yet another semester I'll finish off my physics and get my grade 11 Japanese, maybe take another history course as well or even take some more computer courses or business courses so that I qualify for that dual diploma. I could also take Law or Career Quest. From now on though all the money that I put into my joint account will stay there, after high school I will get my university diploma, no matter how slow I will have to go. Might have to take every second year off but I will not go into debt for my university.

Then I'm hoping that I might be able to get Baba's house so that I don't have to get a mortgage and that way I'll never be in any big debt, except maybe for a car. Got All-Star lyrics to type out, wrote them out while I was bored in Math class short while ago. God am I doing horrible in Math, it would be a miracle if I even pass at the rate I'm going.

Sarah's nice and if she asked me to go out with her I wouldn’t turn her down but I would really like to be going out with Jackie, think I got a big crush on her right now. Can't wait until I get Golden Boy back from Justin, I had a dream where something evil was coming from him so I would really like to get it back, even though I think he wanted to borrow Excel Saga, he just got confused. Randy wants to borrow Excel Saga, known him for a while so I know he can be trusted, got to remember to bring it tomorrow for him to borrow.

Can't wait till I get those pics though, it'll be fun to see how they turned out. Can't wait till I have a huge anime collection though. Want to figure out how to hook my computer to my TV, that way I'll have a huge screen. I have to ask John that sometime in class Monday, or maybe Brent at WAC.

I shouldn't have had all that junk food at fourth, I'm so fat I have got to stick to my, "eat very little plan"; also I need to exercise. The girls like me, but only because I always wear baggy clothes so they can't see how fat I am. I'm going to take a bath today and shave my arms, wonder what they'll look like, I remember when I shaved my chest and it looked so bad cause I'm so fat, like this big round white ball. I need to get into much better shape before shaving there again. Also how would they like a guy who has such horrible hands?

I should have gone to Baba's today, I need to get my music already, oh well guess I can do a little while without it. Mel sent me an e-mail saying she's sorry if I got mad at Chibi-Con and that she won't be able to make it to the next WAC meeting. Sherry said she would try coming though.

Shaved my arm and I kind of like it, I think I'll keep it shaved from now on. Watched the Evangelion stuff, it was good and now everything makes a little more sense. Got another idea for my Con-Suite for next year, I'm going to print out the 1500 point purity test and administer it Friday night in the Suite. Mel said we need to talk and I agree, no idea how that talk is going to go though.

I hate being so fat though; not eating helped a little I just got to keep it up. If Darren is working and he still doesn't have my yearbook there will be hell to pay, I'm tired of acting nice to him it's time he learned to return my stuff. Got to set the alarm for around noon so that I’m not late for meeting AJ. Hope Mom will drive me to KP; it will make it a lot easier on me. Down to nine bus tickets since I used one to get home today.

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