Nov 11 2004 - Aug 11 2013

Jounral #32: 2004-11-11

Jason is being such a jackass. He blocked Kazaa from the administrators file today, just because I refused to buy him an upgrade for the computer, a $200 upgrade. Partially fixed the fence today, and didn't do any homework, I know I suck at schoolwork. Just got to buy a router so that we don't have this problem anymore with him controlling the settings like the world's biggest jackass. All he ever does is make fun of people and try to control them, you know if he is always going to act this way then I'm not going to act nice towards him anymore. Deleted his account on my computer.

I ate way too much today, but he is always on the net so I had nothing to do. Dana came by, would have let her in but she had Guinness with her and I don't like the idea of that dog being in the house, running around. Encrypted the Pron folder so no one but me can open it, now I can put it in the drive I meant it to be in.

Work tomorrow, 4:00 chicken. Going to get there early so I can eat, and so I can get away from Jason. My hand is itching so that is a good sign, I think, that it is healing. Not sure if the encryption worked, I created a new account and tried logging on to view the files and it still worked. Oh well now that he no longer has an account like it really matters. If he does get an account back I'll simply move the files to my documents until I can figure it out.

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